Misscariage, Stillbirth, Noenatal, and Post-Neonatal Death

CoeurAge offers  to build support for couples and men and women who had lost a child in pregnancy, or until a year after the baby is born by expressing their experiences of loss with peers, giving them an opportunity to understand the ups and downs of the grieving process while acknowledging their loss and their emotions.

We encourage women and men to feel confident they can overcome grief in a meaningful way that constructs a healthy basis for personal wholeness through 9 Stages of Recovery.


Because your pain deserves to be acknowledged. Because your loss matters.


Through group sessions where you can meet others who have had a similiar loss; people who will underestand your pain and value your story.


We offer 3 recovery seasons per year. One season consists in 1 session per week for 10 weeks.


Montreal area

Stages of Recovery

Everyone makes me feel like I shouldn’t be sad. But my loss was real and my pain is true.”

Throughout 10 sessions, would like to offer these parents as a couple or individually a chance to share their loss and their experiences, and a chance to guide them through a program that will help them talk about their feelings, grieve their loss freely without judgements, and heal their pain. Through dinamic approaches, participants will learn how to exercise their own strength; to face all the challenges that their loss has brought to their personal and social life. That is why a core value of the program is RESILIENCE: the ability to grow and transform through difficult experiences. The Stages of Recovery will facilitate their re-discovery and re-validation of themselves and the life they want to lead.